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Rust in Science and ever-changing requirements

I have heard many times over that for a given proof-of-concept if you have fast, changing requirements, then you are better off with a Dynamic programming language like Python. Python gives the illusion of faster development because you do not have to think about the rigidity of…

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Why on Earth are copyleft software licenses bad for scientific software?

My quest for this blog started with the discussion about the choice of license for the software under Open Differential Privacy (OpenDP) Initiative[17]. I wanted to understand why copyleft licenses are a taboo in Scientific circles. OpenDP choosing MIT license prompted me to ask …

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Leibniz’s monads

I recently discovered the philosophy of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, the polymath and philosopher. Some believe that he developed Calculus independent of Sir Isaac Newton, as a mathematician. We have been using Leibniz’s notation, in the infinitesimal calculus. He also contributed…