Linux training and Google cloud virtual machines

I had the privilege to attend a week-long training by Michael Kerrisk on "System Programming for Liunux Containers". If you are interested in Linux deep-dive, I cannot recommend anyone more than Michael. I have been waiting for his training for about four years and it finally happened! So, keep your hopes high, you may someday get that too.

Michael is the maintainer of the Linux man-pages and is extremely knowledgeable. His style of teaching is balanced with enough theory for you to get started and decent collection of exercises along the way. In his class, you will be working as pair-programmers. This helps speed up the work you have to do and encourages discussion with your peers. He is receptive to comments and suggestions.

You should contact him!

For his course, you need a Linux machine and it is better if it is your laptop but you could work with a virtual machine on your laptop. To make sure that we have spare VMs, I created a bunch on Google cloud platform. You can use this Terraform repo to do the same. For his courses, you may have to access the GRUB prompt to edit Linux kernel args. The output for Terraform code after it generates the VMs, will show the command to do that as well.

In short, Google cloud platform allows you to connect to your VM's GRUB prompt via a seial console (that you have to enable prior to VM creation).

Happy hacking!