Software engineer with experience in multiple industries. Currently — DevOps, Web Application, Web Service, Bioinformatics engineer at NCBI (NIH’s Biotechnology agency).

Experienced in multiple programming languages and platforms for last 10 years. Background and education in Computer Science (MS). Strong communication skills. Mentored coworkers and have worked as adjunct lecturer.

Believes in open source, open science and helping others.

Recent work experience

National Center for Biotechnology Information, Bethesda MD

DevOps, Applications, Bioinformatics 2012 to Current (also, 2009 to 2011)

Software programmer and operations at NCBI, for the human Variation team (ClinVar, GTR). Project lead for external facing Web projects, services. Work across Web interfaces, backends, services and tools for internal and external use. Software process/tools evaluation and improvements like frameworks, continuous integrations, delivery. Build and maintain tools that help with submission and dissemination of scientific data. This includes, public facing website, submission interfaces, internal custom curation/cms for scientists, services to support external and internal tools, implementing and maintaining the continuous integration builds and workflows.
 Work with generic and domain specific tools, as required. Previous projects include UI for BLAST, GenBank, RefSeqGene, Gene, PubMed (high-traffic), PubMedHealth.

< C++, Scala, Python, Go, JavaScript, Django, Flask, Node.js, Express, Finatra, SQL (MSSQL), XSLT, CSS, SciDB, jQuery, TeamCity, Jenkins, Git, SVN />

Viacom International, New York, NY

Software developer 2011 to 2012

Web developer for various MTV International resources. Built interfaces, backends and services for high-traffic Web resources and one-off yearly events (like EMAs). Worked on document serving (MongoDB), CMS tools for producers, internationalization, GEO based restrictions and gamification of the websites. Project lead to customize the GEO targeting using Akamai’s ESI code for content delivery and to create gamification interfaces.

< Java, Groovy, Grails, MongoDB, Akamai ESI, JavaScript, CSS, Gamification APIs like Bunchball, SVN, ATG Dynamo, XSLT />

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